Exploring the Life of Reed Cross Howard: Son, Education, and Golf

In the realm of celebrity offspring, Reed Cross Howard is a name that has steadily gained recognition. As the son of the renowned filmmaker Ron Howard and his wife, Cheryl Howard, Reed’s life has been one of curiosity for many. This article delves into the intriguing journey of Reed Cross Howard, highlighting his education, passion for golf, and the unique aspects of his life.

Who is Reed Cross Howard?

Reed Cross Howard, born on February 7, 1987, in Burbank, California, is the eldest son of the iconic director Ron Howard and his wife, Cheryl Howard. Growing up in the shadow of Hollywood’s fame, Reed’s life has been one of both privilege and the persistent scrutiny that comes with celebrity offspring. However, he has distinguished himself by pursuing his own path. Reed’s commitment to education, coupled with his passion for golf, has set him apart from the world of glitz and glamour that surrounds his family. Despite his family’s deep ties to the entertainment industry, Reed Cross Howard has chosen a more private and sports-oriented existence, forging his identity away from the cinematic spotlight. While he keeps a low profile, Reed’s unique journey continues to pique the curiosity of those interested in the intersection of fame, individuality, and personal pursuits.

Early Life and Education

A Hollywood Upbringing

A Hollywood upbringing is a unique and often glamorous experience that few children get to encounter. For individuals like Reed Cross Howard, being raised in the heart of the entertainment industry provides a distinctive backdrop to their formative years. Growing up in Hollywood, Reed was immersed in a world where creativity, storytelling, and red carpets were the norm. His parents, renowned filmmaker Ron Howard and his wife Cheryl, ensured that he was exposed to the magic of cinema from a young age. This environment, while enchanting, also brought its share of challenges and expectations. The young Howard had to navigate the fine line between enjoying the perks of fame and carving out his individual identity. A Hollywood upbringing, with its blend of privilege and pressure, shapes a person in ways that are both extraordinary and complex, leaving a lasting impact on their character and life choices.

Academic Pursuits

Reed Cross Howard’s academic pursuits have been a defining aspect of his journey. Despite growing up in the glitzy world of Hollywood, he demonstrated a strong commitment to education. Reed attended a prestigious private school in Los Angeles, where he not only rubbed shoulders with the offspring of other celebrities but also excelled academically. His dedication to his studies was not just a testament to his intelligence but also to his determination to forge his own path independently of his father’s cinematic achievements.Beyond the allure of Hollywood, Reed Cross Howard recognized the importance of education as a tool for personal growth and development. This commitment was further reflected in his pursuit of higher education at a respected university, where he continued to thrive academically. Reed’s academic endeavors stand as a testament to his desire to carve out his unique identity and make a mark in the world that extended beyond the shadow of his family’s fame.

College Years

During his college years, Reed Cross Howard continued to pursue his passion for education and personal growth. After completing high school with distinction, he embarked on a new chapter of his academic journey at a respected university. This phase allowed him to delve deeper into his chosen field of study while further honing his intellectual abilities. Reed’s dedication to his college education not only showcased his commitment but also demonstrated his determination to chart his own course independently of his family’s cinematic legacy. His college years were marked by academic excellence and personal development, laying the foundation for the individual he was becoming outside of the Hollywood spotlight.

The Golf Enthusiast

Discovering the Greens

Reed Cross Howard’s journey into the world of golf began at an early age, and it was a passion that would stay with him throughout his life. Discovering the greens became more than just a recreational activity; it evolved into a profound love for the sport. As a young enthusiast, Reed was drawn to the lush fairways and challenging bunkers, finding solace and excitement in the game’s intricacies.Golf offered Reed Cross Howard not only an escape from the pressures of growing up in a Hollywood family but also a platform to develop key life skills. It required discipline, focus, and an unwavering commitment to improvement, qualities that would serve him well beyond the golf course. His early experiences with the sport laid the foundation for a lifelong passion, reinforcing the idea that even in the world of fame, one can discover their own unique interests and talents.Through the ups and downs of life, golf remained a constant, allowing Reed to connect with the sport on a deeply personal level and ultimately shaping a significant part of his identity.

Competitive Spirit

Reed Cross Howard’s competitive spirit on the golf course was undeniable. As he honed his skills and participated in various tournaments, his drive to succeed set him apart. The relentless pursuit of excellence was a hallmark of his approach to golf. Whether facing challenging courses or formidable opponents, Reed’s competitive nature fueled his determination to emerge victorious. This spirit not only elevated his game but also instilled in him valuable qualities such as resilience, sportsmanship, and the ability to thrive under pressure. Reed’s journey in golf was a testament to his unwavering commitment and competitive fire, qualities that left a lasting impact on his personal and athletic development.

A Life Beyond Hollywood

Reed Cross Howard’s choice to immerse himself in the world of golf represented a deliberate pursuit of a life beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. While his family’s name was synonymous with the entertainment industry, Reed forged his own unique path. Golf became his sanctuary, a place where he could escape the shadow of his father’s fame and create his identity. Through the challenges and triumphs of the sport, Reed discovered a life rich in discipline, personal growth, and passion. His choice to embrace a life beyond Hollywood’s spotlight exemplified his determination to chart his course and find fulfillment on his own terms.

Reed’s Personal Life

Keeping a Low Profile

Reed Cross Howard has maintained a commendably low profile in the media, a choice that reflects his preference for privacy over the often intrusive world of celebrity. Unlike some individuals from high-profile families, Reed deliberately shies away from the public eye, allowing him to lead a life that is more focused on personal pursuits and less on public scrutiny. This conscious decision to keep a low profile demonstrates his commitment to maintaining a sense of normalcy and authenticity amidst the glamour of Hollywood. It also reinforces his desire to lead a life that aligns with his values and priorities, away from the constant spotlight of fame.

Family Bonds

Reed Cross Howard’s commitment to family bonds is evident in his life. Despite the demands of their respective careers, he shares a close and enduring connection with his family, particularly with his father, Ron Howard. The Howards have always prioritized the importance of family values, creating a strong and supportive foundation for Reed’s upbringing. This unwavering bond has not only helped him navigate the challenges of growing up in the spotlight but also instilled in him a sense of groundedness and perspective. Reed’s commitment to family exemplifies the deep-rooted values that have shaped his character and his approach to life.


In the world of celebrity children, Reed Cross Howard stands out as an individual who has forged his own path. With a commitment to education, a passion for golf, and a down-to-earth approach to life, Reed’s journey is one of inspiration. He reminds us that, even in the shadow of fame, one can discover their own identity and thrive.


Is Reed Cross Howard involved in the film industry like his father?

No, Reed Cross Howard has chosen a different path and is primarily focused on his education and golf.

Where did Reed Cross Howard attend college?

Reed’s choice of university is private, and specific details about his educational institution are not publicly disclosed.

Has Reed Cross Howard won any golf tournaments?

While he has participated in various golf tournaments, specific information about his tournament victories is not widely available.

Does Reed Cross Howard have any siblings?

Yes, Reed has a younger sister, Paige Howard, who is also involved in the entertainment industry.

Where can I find more information about Reed Cross Howard’s golf achievements?

Reed Cross Howard maintains a low profile, so detailed information about his golf achievements may not be readily accessible.

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