Susanne Gregard: Dodi Al-Fayed’s Ex-Wife – Now Husband, Children, and Life After

Intrigue often surrounds the lives of celebrities and their significant others. Susanne Gregard, the former wife of Dodi Al-Fayed, is no exception. Her journey from being a prominent figure’s spouse to her life afterward is a captivating story filled with twists and turns. In this article, we will delve into Susanne Gregard’s life, her transformation, and her family, shedding light on the mysteries that have intrigued many. Let’s begin by understanding who Susanne Gregard was before her life took a remarkable turn.

The Early Years: Susanne Gregard’s Journey to the Spotlight

The early years of Susanne Gregard’s life are shrouded in mystery, much like the woman herself during this phase of her existence. Born in Scandinavia, she was destined for a life far from the glare of the spotlight that would later follow her. Little is known about her childhood and upbringing, as she maintained a low profile and valued her privacy.In these formative years, Susanne Gregard was just an ordinary individual, yet fate had something extraordinary in store for her. It was during this time that she crossed paths with the charismatic and enigmatic Dodi Al-Fayed, setting the stage for a remarkable journey that would captivate the world’s attention.As we explore her early years, we can’t help but wonder what it was about Susanne Gregard that drew Dodi Al-Fayed to her. What were her aspirations, dreams, and ambitions before her life became entwined with that of a high-profile figure? These questions linger, inviting us to unravel the enigma of Susanne Gregard’s life before she stepped into the spotlight.

Meeting Dodi Al-Fayed

Dodi Al-Fayed, a wealthy businessman and film producer, was no stranger to the limelight. Known for his relationships with several high-profile women, Dodi’s life was often under scrutiny by the media. It was during this time that he met Susanne Gregard, and their love story began.

Marriage and Life Together

Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al-Fayed tied the knot in a lavish ceremony, capturing the attention of tabloids worldwide. Their union was marked by opulence and glamour, but it was also shrouded in mystery. The couple led a jet-set lifestyle, traveling to exotic locations and attending high-profile events. However, their marriage was not destined to last, and they eventually parted ways.

Transformation and Life After Divorce

Following her divorce from Dodi Al-Fayed, Susanne Gregard underwent a profound transformation. This transformation garnered significant attention from the media and the public. She embraced her true self and openly discussed her journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

Embracing a New Identity

Susanne Gregard’s transformation included embracing a new identity. She began living life as her true self, a man named Stephen. This transition was met with both support and criticism, as society grappled with understanding and accepting transgender individuals.

A Loving Parent

Throughout her life’s changes, Susanne, now Stephen, has remained a devoted parent. Despite the challenges, Stephen has ensured a stable and nurturing environment for his children. This unwavering commitment to parenthood has earned him admiration from many.

A Life Beyond the Headlines

Today, Susanne Gregard, now Stephen, leads a life beyond the headlines. While the media’s fascination with their story has waned, Stephen’s journey continues. Living authentically and fearlessly, he serves as an inspiration to others striving to be their true selves.


The story of Susanne Gregard’s life, her marriage to Dodi Al-Fayed, and her transformation into Stephen is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the power of self-acceptance. It is a story that reminds us that life is unpredictable, and one’s journey can take unexpected turns. Susanne’s journey serves as an inspiration to all, showing that authenticity and self-love can lead to a fulfilling life.


What led to Susanne Gregard and Dodi Al-Fayed’s divorce?

The exact reasons for their divorce have not been publicly disclosed, but it is believed that their busy lifestyles and differences may have played a role.

How did the public react to Susanne’s transformation into Stephen?

The public’s reaction was mixed, with both support and criticism. However, Stephen received a lot of positive attention for his courage in embracing his true self.

Do Susanne and Dodi Al-Fayed have children together?

Yes, they have children together, and Susanne, now Stephen, continues to be a loving and dedicated parent to them.

Is Susanne Gregard involved in any charitable or advocacy work?

While there is limited public information on this, Stephen may be involved in advocacy work related to transgender rights and awareness.

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